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  • 1. CO-Drow (Control Nematodes)
  • 2. Afri-Organic Fertilizer(Better than imported)
  • 3. Organic Herbicide (next batch of trial)
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    Reticia Products Research Ltd is grateful to Uganda Registration Services Bureau for recognizing our efforts of helping Ugandan farmers with agricultural farm input innovations for their crops.




    Reticia Products joins the research to Eradicate Army Worm in Uganda.
    We have launched our new Black Off Pesticide specifically crafted to eradicate army worm infestations.
    So far trials indicate better results with 80% success rate on 1st spray to 100% eradication on second and third spray.

    How to Spray Black Off

    Thanks to Black-Off Army Worm i Can Smile again.

    Am happy now I had lost hope of harvest.

    The Army worm had ravaged my 1.5 acres of maize and beans.

    I had tried many other chemical pesticides that were recommended by different Agricultural bodies but no results at all. This left me hopeless and heartbroken.

    Fortunately Reticia Products Research Ltd came along with Black- Off Army worm B-D-3-1 during their visit to Gomba district. They sprayed 2 litres of Black Off Army worm B-D-3-1. In 3 weeks my maize was brighter again with dark green leaves and no more infestations. I have not even bought any inorganic fertilizer at all.

    I am very grateful for Reticia products research Ltd, Black Off Army worm B-D-3-1 is a truly reliable botanical bio pesticide.  I will continue to use the product.

    – Mr. Lubowa  More………

    Organic Herbicide.

    The  premier Organic Herbicide which has commenced field trial phase,and pillate fertilizer coming soon.
    Reports from the trials indicate good results so far

    As we await its launch, take time and order any products that you need.

    Look through our products and

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      Black – Off 

    A very potent bio- organic triple action product. It works as a pesticide, fungicide,  foliar fertilizer and has anti bacterial and antiviral properties as well.

    Once used Black – Off protects the plants from bacterial wilt, insects and other plant diseases. Black – Off has gained popularity among farmers.

    Black – Off will help you revitalize your plants without the fear of endangering the friendly insects and making the soil micro-environment better for your plants.






     Pure Bio Bloom

    Bio bloom is mainly a fertilizer, fruit size enhancer, pollination enhancer – it attracts bees, enhances fruit sweetness.

    Our current farmers using Bio Bloom testify to harvesting heavier and bigger fruits.

    Its better than any imported inorganic fertilizer.




    Ready to Harvest  a 17kg Water Melon?
    1. Use Bio bloom.
    2. Apply Black – Off to combat diseases and pests.
    3. Wait for a bumper harvest.
    4. Smile all the way to the Bank.

      View current farmers’ Experiences


    Use Bio Bloom and Black – Off for  better Harvests and more Profits

    The melons above  exhibit the effect of Bio Bloom together with Black – Off the miraculous three in one Product.

    Each melon on the field weighs more than 12kgs.




    New Products Coming Soon!

    By End of 2017…… 

    1. CO-Drow (Control Nematodes)
    2. Afri-Organic Fertilizer
    3. Organic Herbicide (next batch of trial)